Monday, July 7, 2008

We interrupt The 4th of July festivities to bring you...

{not sure why this picture won't load the right way...}

In March, I met my new friend, Debora, at CKU-Chicago. She took my Wednesday night class, and we had an immediate connection. She lives in Brazil and since CKU we have continued to chat through email and our blogs. There were many nights of CKU that we talked until midnight....We both shared a passion for scrapbooking and we could just talk about everything and anything. I received a beautiful package from her on Saturday and was THRILLED by what was inside. She sent me some scrapbook supplies made in Brazil and a scrapbook magazine that she was published in several times. One of the pages that she had published included a picture with me from CKU! Wow! Can you believe this? Go visit Debora's blog - it will inspire you! She teaches in Brazil and has amazing layouts! I will post a layout that I am making with some of the fun paper from Brazil -very soon....Thank you Debora {De'}!
P.S. My kids were excited to find Brazil on the map. Syd said 'You have a friend that lives THAT far away??' Yes, yes I do.....and she is wonderful.


  1. It´s not THAT far away! Just a 10 hour flight! :) I´m happy the package arrived safe, and that you liked everything! I can´t wait too see what you´re going to create! And this picture of us is very nice, we look great, don´t you think? LOL! Love, Débora

  2. How exciting!! You are in a magazine!! How fun is that?? Now it all makes sense why I haven't hung out with you much lately... you are a celebrity now!! :)

  3. So cool, Kim! Debora's IS a very nice picture of the two of you!


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