Monday, November 25, 2013

Halloween Card for FISKARS

 photo halloweencard5_zps5cd9ae89.jpg

And a few photos from our Halloween celebrations  photo IMG_4773_zps498a1272.jpg

 photo IMG_4767_zps59e00f7b.jpg
{A little blurry but it is all we got!}  photo IMG_4782_zps23fc755d.jpg

To see more about the Halloween Card, you can check out the full instructions HERE.

Sewing on Scrapbook Layouts by Fiskars

 photo sewing1_zpsda6a80c8.jpg Fiskars Fuse Template +  photo sewing2_zpsb08ce4d5.jpg Embroidery Thread & Needle = photo sewing6_zps1e4c2be7.jpg

 photo sewing5_zpsb5b84a6b.jpg

The PERFECT sewn embellishment for my new favorite layout.
I miss my girls! I am not traveling for work anymore, but this was definitely one of my favorite parts. Every few trips, I would see my friends.
It was always the highlight.
 They get me.
Understand my creative quirkiness.
And love me anyway.
Miss you girls!
Here are a few more layouts that include sewing:

 photo sewing8_zps6fa39682.jpg photo sewing11_zpsc5008aa1.jpg

If you want to read more about sewing on layouts, click HERE.

 photo sewing13a_zps3ec459f9.jpg

Fiskars School Supply Cake

I recently went back to my 'roots' and I am teaching school. I am working the public school system once again and loving it.
While I am recertifying in Texas, I am working as a long-term sub teacher in 2nd grade. Teachers never have enough supplies.
So this cake would be great even as a Christmas present.
Since school started we have almost gone through all of our glue sticks.

 photo schoolsupplycake1_zps11f42c4a.jpg

{I know it kind of looks like it is the leaning tower of school tools, but I think that is just the picture.}
 photo schoolsupplycake2_zpse5480417.jpg
I fell in love with the Chalkboard Stack by DCWV when I made this project. I love, love, love it. The chalkboard trend is alive and kickin around here. photo schoolsupplycake3_zpsac5f5f98.jpg

 photo schoolsupplycupcake3_zps5cbd6773.jpg

 photo schoolsupplycupcake5_zps65a82291.jpg
I also created these mini supply cupcakes. Thought they would be great for the office staff and teacher aides. Just a few post its, paper clips, and a bag of erasers (sprinkles!) on top.

You can read more about this project HERE.

Fiskars Vetrans Day Banner

I received a text from a friend recently asking why I hadn't posted on my blog. She said she missed my projects. I am so glad someone is reading this!

I know I recently have the excuse that this full time job is kicking my butt...blah blah blah. But it really is. I love to take moments and go into my craft area and get creative, but the mojo is just not there.

These projects I will be posting are from the past. Before the creative bug went bye bye.

 photo july4thbanner5_zps140191c8.jpg

 photo july4thbanner3_zpsedd94657.jpg  photo july4thbanner2_zps72cb14d5.jpg
I am especially proud of this sewn garland. Yes. I did that sewing It is the first time I used my sewing maching that I have had for years and years. It still scares me, but I feel like I am starting to tame it.
This banner really needs to be packaged up and mailed to my sweet brother and sister-in-law. They live this 'god bless the usa' full force. He is in the Navy and they are ready for another move across the country. I am grateful for him and their family every day for what they do to support and protect this country.

To read more about this project, please go HERE
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