Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Scrappy Goodness

The past couple days I have been trying to get my pictures organized. I am just overwhelmed by all my photos. I have been trying to get ideas from different books that I have been reading about what is the best way, and how to find your own method to all the madness. On Sunday afternoon, I decided I just needed to get rid of a pile of pictures. I had all these pictures from different events from almost four years ago. They didn't really have anything in common...or did they S.J.? YES THEY DID! They were all from the Summer of 2004, remember that summer? Matt's 30th birthday, Mackay's birth & blessing, kids craft day, trip to Snowbird, birthday celebration at Kara's, family reunion at Bear Lake, 4th of July @ the pow-wow, etc., etc. They came together amazingly in this simple layout. {This is also my Scrapaganza challenge layout: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue}

After another few hours of organizing scrapbook supplies & pictures I found that I had single photos that I just could not throw away! I kept telling myself..these are just RANDOM, but they are too good to just toss in the garbage. So late last night with my favorite chipboard letters {Lil' Davis Designs} I made this page. I loved these letters, but could not spell a thing....so I got this inspiration, believe it or not, from Candi. She is always giving me a hard time about the random letters that you have to type in on my blog to keep the spammers away. Well, here is my display of random letters & random pictures. Take a closer look...you might just see yourself! These pics are from years ago and just a few months back. That is why I just love this page! We've got Taylor's soccer competition, Jordan's snowman, a birthday party, rollerskating, Ella feeding Zoe {with her scraggly blonde hair}, some centerpieces I did for a friend's baby shower, a birthday celebration from my {19th was it??} birthday, an overnight cabin trip {this is my fave pic of my BIL & sister with her orange hair!}, at the tree house museum, my niece {but I am not sure where or when this picture was taken???}, a pinata @ the family reunion, a church roadshow, and a game of Twister. I now have all these events documented ON ONE LAYOUT! You should try it....it is exhilarating

The rest of these layouts weren't from yesterday, but I haven't posted them here. Enjoy and TFL! {You can click on any picture to see it up close and personal :)}


  1. Oh! I love that butterfly mask LO! I want to doodle in the butterflies! I have to do this! Great LO!

  2. These lo's are incredible! Where do you find the time?... I'm lifting some of your ideas!

  3. On the first layout, those pics of baby Kirsten and Sydney and Christian SO cute! Great ideas kim.
    Also the one of your neice that you aren't sure, that is christmas time for sure, I remember cause of her black turtleneck. LOL I wish I could see the old school ones better!

  4. Wow, you really did some scrapbooking! Loved the layouts, specialy the one titles "today"! Love, Débora

  5. Love 'em!!! Glad my complaining could inspire you :) The random one totally reminds me of the Christmas card idea from Ali... might have to try it! Keep the scrappin' coming... you are on a roll!!!


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