Monday, July 14, 2008

This is for Hallie

{This picture was taken two years ago when the first family of bunnies came to live in our burrow.}
Sydnee wrote this about two weeks ago, when we had another family of bunnies in our backyard. Our friend, Hallie, loves these bunnies also and missed seeing them this year. I am sure there will be another family moving in next year!


  1. We have a family of bunnies too. How on earth did you catch that little one? We tried to catch ours, but they are SO super fast.

    We have nothing going on next week so let's plan a playdate for Christian and Joseph. Does Wed or Fri work better? If you want to do an afternoon one, Michael can take Christian to Scouts and bring him home since you live so close.

  2. My daughter is the one that caught it....we have only got a hold of one this time.


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