Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Card

I have been trying to order my Christmas cards online with no luck....This is the picture that I wanted with the title Life Is Just So Daily...

I just could not get it to go....oh well, at least I can put the collage here. This is just a small glimpse into the daily life of the Garner Family. I better go to sleep....it is almost 3 am! Yikes

Hello...My Name Is...


Just a little bit about myself.

I am a wife to my amazing husband, Craig.

I am a SAHM to three wonderful kids; Christian (7), Sydnee (5), and Ella (2).

I am a designer for a LSS called Scrapaganza! You can check out my designs on their website: http://www.scrapaganzaonline.com/.

I love to read anything I can get my hands on. I have belonged to an amazing book club for many years.

I hope to have many interesting ideas, everyday happenings, and photos, photos, photos to share with you on this new adventure of mine! Keep reading... (This picture is a little bit fancy schmancy. It was taken of Sydnee and I at my sister's wedding almost three weeks ago.)

Friday, November 24, 2006

The First Post

It is early Friday morning , the day after Thanksgiving. And instead of calling the day Black Friday, I will have to call this Blog Friday! This is the first day of having my very own blog. I have many things to learn about all this...but I am very excited. I was blessed with a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I am grateful for many things...healthy, happy children; a hardworking husband; and a way to communicate with family and friends that are far and near (this new blog!).

This photo was my favorite of the day...love these two boys in my life!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Trip to Utah for Hayley's Wedding...

We left on Friday, Nov. 3rd, to drive to Utah. We were going to leave early Sat. morning, but we were ready to go that night, so we loaded up the van and took off at 10 pm. I drove through Iowa until 2 am {Omaha}; Craig then drove until 6 am and I drove again until the kids woke up at 8. We got to Kevin and Kara's about 2 pm MST, they were surprised to see us because we weren't suppose to be there until 10 pm. We went to Winger's for dinner, just Craig and I, but soon after we ordered my mom and dad came...then Hayley and Derek showed up soon after. It was a good, unplanned dinner. That was the funnest meal we had on the trip.
On Sunday, we went to church with Kevin and Kara, then we went to Jeff and Rachel's for the Christmas Party. Matt and Linzi came with LeXee and Cody. Annette was there and we had a perfect Turkey dinner, mostly prepared by Rachel.
On Monday, Craig and I went for massages at Jeff's office, and I also had a microdermabrasion. It was Breeze's 1st birthday that night. I also went to Sandee's late that night with Kara. Craig went to the Jazz game with Matt and Jeff for Jeff's birthday.
Tuesday, we went looking for a dress and went to Layton Hills Mall with Sherrie, Mackay, Kara, Breeze, and Ella. I didn't have any luck with a dress. The whole family went to The Sosa's for dinner.
Wednesday, I looked for a dress again! And I went to Macey's and bought all the Cheesy Potatoe soup they had on the shelves. We went to my Mom and Dad's for awhile, then up to Dene and Dana's to stay the night {Dana was watching the kids for the wedding...}
Thursday was the big day. Craig and I drove from Ogden, it was pretty busy on the freeway. It was actually very busy on every road in Utah. Traffic was always crazy everywhere! We went to the sealing. Hayley and Derek were sealed by Stanley Smith. Grandpa Burton was there and he knew Stanley and commented that he always remembered him because of Stanley tools! It was pretty funny. He was a good sealer and gave some beautiful advice....I had some things written down that I wanted to remember and now today, I can't make sense of it all, but I will put it here anyway....
ideal grace
How Do I Love Thee?
Perfect or Better
"Trust is the purest pearl of the universe" - Tennyson from the poem "The Princess"
We had the luncheon at Spaghetti Mama's. IT was also good....we all sat together on one table - all the siblings and spouses. The reception was beautiful and fun. I love the apple cider, sandwich rolls, and cookies. Our friend, John Berenyi, was the DJ.
Favorite Memories of Utah:
- Pee emergency in Omaha.
- Christmas Party
- Chatting with Sandee and Andres late into the night over homemade popcorn
- Cheesy potatoe soup and Autumn Harvest salad
- Fry sauce
- Pumpkin Pie Shakes
- Wedding party: seeing friends and family
- Seeing Dene and Dana & the boys - even though they are 16, they love being with Christian and Sydnee
- Dana making Sydnee's wish come true {She is good at that}
- Bookclub - getting together as if nothing has changed and months haven't gone by
- The bittersweet goodbye
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