Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All American Family

I am pretty proud to say that this is my brother and his family.  He just returned from Bahrain.  He was gone for over 6 months.  He is in the Navy.  His wife is a strong woman!  She 'held down the fort' while he was away.  She has done this many times.  I cannot imagine what it is like, but from what I have seen it is not an easy task.  She does it all with style and grace.  I am grateful for my brother and the example that he sets for my family.  He goes above and beyond the call of duty ALWAYS.  His entire family does the same. They are patriotic, strong, happy, and resilient.  I am so happy that he is safe and that while he was gone his family thrived.  I am grateful to all the military that protect this beautiful country and keeps it safe and free.
Way to go Burtons!
We love you!
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