Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christian's 8th Birthday

With it being Christian's b-day, I thought I should write a few important details of him @ 8 yrs. old...

He is growing - even though his dad thinks differently. We went for his physical with Dr. Omar and he said he was in great health. He weights 50 lbs and 47 7/8 inches tall.

Christian loves to play with Caleb. They are always together playing football, soccer, etc. Today it was remote control cars. They also love football and pokemon cards.

Christian hates to brush his teeth and hang up his coat. But he loves to read and play PS2. He is also into string tricks that Mrs. Holbrook, the school librarian, has taught him.

His Grandpa and Grandma have been here for Christmas and his birthday. His Grandpa has sure brought out his natural laugh. As his mom, I always feel I need to find ways to make him laugh. Grandpa is good at it, and it just come naturally.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Christmas Traditions

On Christmas Eve, we had the most traditions. We would have an amazing dinner by candlelight, using the Santa placemats. We would always act out the Christmas story with Dad as the narrator.We also opened one present, which was always pajamas.
We always went to Grandpa and Grandma Johnson's house on Christmas Day. Also to Grandpa and Grandma Burton's house. We would see our cousins and that was always fun.
Every Christmas morning I would call my best friend, Sandee to see what Santa brought her. We did this every Christmas until we were in high school. I would always get dressed in my new Christmas outfit and spend the day at her house. I always remember that.....
Mom would have us lay all our new stuff on our bed and take a picture of it.....we also would have something warm for breakfast like cinnamon rolls and there was always egg nog. I love egg nog...

Now that I live "out of state" with my little family of 5. I feel that I need to start some traditions of our own. One tradition we have is to decorate the tree with the kids and the "memory" ornaments. All of the ornaments that have a story to tell. The kids love it and get so excited to see all of their favorite ornaments again. We have ornaments from when Craig and I were little, to Christian's kindergarten ornament, and the girls' "baby's first Christmas" ornaments. Grandma Garner always gives us an ornament each year and the kids squeal with delight when they find their favorite one...I love to see my two ornaments given to me after my Grandma Burton passed away...they remind me of her....

I would like a few more Christmas traditions to start this year...if you have any ideas, please comment...
**This is a picture of my mom holding Kara and I in front of my Grandma Johnson's christmas tree. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Childhood Christmas Memories

This was my favorite toy from Santa. I loved bouncing as hard and as fast as I could on this spring horse. I have so many vivid Christmas memories: handmade cradles for my favorite dolls; peering down the stairs and seeing a banana-seat bicycle; heavenly kids (wanna-be Cabbage Patch Kids); and so many others.

As a parent now, I want to also create that magical feeling of Santa for my kids. I want them to feel like I did so many times...not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve; falling asleep to the sound of Christmas music playing in the family room; waking up way too early and having to watch the clock slowly pass each hour until at least 6: 00 am! I hope that I can create the magic this year and for years to come...
I also love family Christmas traditions! Tomorrow I will make a list of the traditions that we have and also the traditions that I want to start!
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Card

I have been trying to order my Christmas cards online with no luck....This is the picture that I wanted with the title Life Is Just So Daily...

I just could not get it to go....oh well, at least I can put the collage here. This is just a small glimpse into the daily life of the Garner Family. I better go to is almost 3 am! Yikes

Hello...My Name Is...


Just a little bit about myself.

I am a wife to my amazing husband, Craig.

I am a SAHM to three wonderful kids; Christian (7), Sydnee (5), and Ella (2).

I am a designer for a LSS called Scrapaganza! You can check out my designs on their website:

I love to read anything I can get my hands on. I have belonged to an amazing book club for many years.

I hope to have many interesting ideas, everyday happenings, and photos, photos, photos to share with you on this new adventure of mine! Keep reading... (This picture is a little bit fancy schmancy. It was taken of Sydnee and I at my sister's wedding almost three weeks ago.)

Friday, November 24, 2006

The First Post

It is early Friday morning , the day after Thanksgiving. And instead of calling the day Black Friday, I will have to call this Blog Friday! This is the first day of having my very own blog. I have many things to learn about all this...but I am very excited. I was blessed with a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I am grateful for many things...healthy, happy children; a hardworking husband; and a way to communicate with family and friends that are far and near (this new blog!).

This photo was my favorite of the these two boys in my life!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Trip to Utah for Hayley's Wedding...

We left on Friday, Nov. 3rd, to drive to Utah. We were going to leave early Sat. morning, but we were ready to go that night, so we loaded up the van and took off at 10 pm. I drove through Iowa until 2 am {Omaha}; Craig then drove until 6 am and I drove again until the kids woke up at 8. We got to Kevin and Kara's about 2 pm MST, they were surprised to see us because we weren't suppose to be there until 10 pm. We went to Winger's for dinner, just Craig and I, but soon after we ordered my mom and dad came...then Hayley and Derek showed up soon after. It was a good, unplanned dinner. That was the funnest meal we had on the trip.
On Sunday, we went to church with Kevin and Kara, then we went to Jeff and Rachel's for the Christmas Party. Matt and Linzi came with LeXee and Cody. Annette was there and we had a perfect Turkey dinner, mostly prepared by Rachel.
On Monday, Craig and I went for massages at Jeff's office, and I also had a microdermabrasion. It was Breeze's 1st birthday that night. I also went to Sandee's late that night with Kara. Craig went to the Jazz game with Matt and Jeff for Jeff's birthday.
Tuesday, we went looking for a dress and went to Layton Hills Mall with Sherrie, Mackay, Kara, Breeze, and Ella. I didn't have any luck with a dress. The whole family went to The Sosa's for dinner.
Wednesday, I looked for a dress again! And I went to Macey's and bought all the Cheesy Potatoe soup they had on the shelves. We went to my Mom and Dad's for awhile, then up to Dene and Dana's to stay the night {Dana was watching the kids for the wedding...}
Thursday was the big day. Craig and I drove from Ogden, it was pretty busy on the freeway. It was actually very busy on every road in Utah. Traffic was always crazy everywhere! We went to the sealing. Hayley and Derek were sealed by Stanley Smith. Grandpa Burton was there and he knew Stanley and commented that he always remembered him because of Stanley tools! It was pretty funny. He was a good sealer and gave some beautiful advice....I had some things written down that I wanted to remember and now today, I can't make sense of it all, but I will put it here anyway....
ideal grace
How Do I Love Thee?
Perfect or Better
"Trust is the purest pearl of the universe" - Tennyson from the poem "The Princess"
We had the luncheon at Spaghetti Mama's. IT was also good....we all sat together on one table - all the siblings and spouses. The reception was beautiful and fun. I love the apple cider, sandwich rolls, and cookies. Our friend, John Berenyi, was the DJ.
Favorite Memories of Utah:
- Pee emergency in Omaha.
- Christmas Party
- Chatting with Sandee and Andres late into the night over homemade popcorn
- Cheesy potatoe soup and Autumn Harvest salad
- Fry sauce
- Pumpkin Pie Shakes
- Wedding party: seeing friends and family
- Seeing Dene and Dana & the boys - even though they are 16, they love being with Christian and Sydnee
- Dana making Sydnee's wish come true {She is good at that}
- Bookclub - getting together as if nothing has changed and months haven't gone by
- The bittersweet goodbye

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Can you put a halloween costume together in one day?

Christian still doesn't have a costume. Sydnee and Ella are set. {Balloons and all...}
When am I going to have the courage to submit a layout? When?
Do I want to teach school or scrapbooking?
Am I going to get a job?
I have to get out of this house...

Saturday, July 1, 2006

No picture...Only the moment

Is there ever a moment when you wish you had your camera and you are without it? Last Friday, at Christian baseball game, Ella was standing my the dugout and she peered around the fence post and at that moment I wanted to freeze time. Craig only had his camera phone and it was not sufficient enough for the here and now. She kept peeking out and then hiding again...every time she would look at me and just smile or giggle.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sydnee's conversation with Grandma Pattee:

"Hi Grandma."
"I am in swimming lessons. Do you want me to teach you to swim?"
"Why will your hair go green?"
"I made a wish on a wishing star when we went at the Cars movie."
"I wished for a Gameboy when I am seven years old."
"I love you."
"Goodnight, Grandma"

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Funny things Sydnee says...

"Christian, what does 'whatever' mean?"

"Guess what I am thinking in my head, Mom? I am in a box and I was sent to someone...I went to LeXee's house!"

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Everyday is different...not one is the same...

5 things I am doing right now:
1. Just returned from exercising.
2. Watching Clifford the Big Red Dog.
3. Working on car registration.
4. Changing the laundry from washer to dryer.
5. Ella climbing up on a chair to have a snack.

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Here's Who I Am

By: Kim Garner
Date: Aug. 27, 1999

Here's What I Like:
Children't Literature
Vanilla Coke

Here's What I Hope:
I hope to be any excellent & effective teacher.

Here's What I Wish:
There was no violence in schools, homes, or anywhere there is children.

Here's What I Dream:
I dream of being a good mom and raising my son to follow his dreams and love learning.

Here's What I Want:
To be in better shape and feel good!

Here's What I Don't Like:
I don't like people who whisper to each other when you are talking or are nearby.

Here's What I'm Good At:
I am good at home decoration & .....

Here's What I'd Like to Learn:
I would like to learn how to be more 'artistic'.  My whole life I have thought that I wasn't an artist because I didn't know how to draw.

Here's A Word That Describes Me Best:
{left blank}

Here's My Personal "Motto":

{2012 Note: Many of these statements have come to past, and others I have been reminded of now. So grateful I found this exercise I must have filled out during a college class.}

Saturday, April 1, 2006

The Last Recital

Playing the piano.
Hearing my fingers flow across the keys
is now a forgotten sound.
I miss performing
I miss my grandma.
Every time the beautiful sound of the ivory keys are heard,
my heart is overwhelmed with past emotions.
Emotions that refresh the mind to times of happiness and also
     moments of sorrow.

Playing the piano.
Hearing my fingers flow across the keys
is now a familiar sound.
My mind is flooded with memories.
Within the silence of her living room
on a dark Sunday evening, I play a new piece,
a joyful melody.
She is the audience.
I hear her hands clapping; her voice complimenting me on
     a beautiful tune.

Playing the piano.
Performing for my grandma as she lays peacefully.
This recital is a chance to tell her how much I love her
by playing one final aria.
My mind is taken from that moment at the funeral,
back to the piano recitals at her home.
One last recital.
For one moment I can hear her hands clapping from heaven
Please don't let the piano stop or the song end.
The music now only runs
     through my mind.

Written November 3, 1998
I found this piece I had written in college as I was packing our house with the move to Texas.....must have been for some class, don't remember.  But I still remember this moment.
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