Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Catalina Island
Have you been to California
seen the sights and people there
walked the streets of sleepy sea towns
tasted salty ocean air...
-Mindy Gledhill

I have been to California twice in the last month.  I left the freezing temperatures of home and enjoyed the warmer climates for a fews days.  On my first trip, I was picked up by my good friend and taken to this beautiful place.  I loved being in my friend's surroundings.  We walked along the Manhattan Beach strand and I just breathed in and out....in and out.  We watched the sunset and I just felt at peace.  This was exactly what I needed before I headed into a whirlwind week of work.  We walked and walked...and I just soaked in the sun.
I also loved her home cooked {healthy} meal and spending time with her kiddos and hubby.  I wish that we lived closer.  This was the highlight of my trip to California.
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