Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July Breakfast

My friend & I look great on only 5 hrs. of sleep and no makeup!

We went to the church for an early morning breakfast. This was probably one of my favorite moments from the whole weekend. The flag raising and singing the National always is a highlight for me. I am so grateful to live in this country. I am grateful for those that serve in this country to protect my family. I met an older gentleman, a farmer, who has lived in this area for 57 years. As I spoke to him, I felt gratitude for his experience in this area of the country. He farmed this area that I live for years and years, it was an American tradition! I enjoyed our conversation and want to remember his legacy in this area where we are raising our children.
The breakfast was simple, yet yummy! Pancakes, sausage, watermelon, juice, and milk. Just the right way to start our 4th of July Day...


  1. We do look great for only 5 hours of sleep and no makeup!! The breakfast was YUMMY!!! Glad I got up and went!

  2. I love the idea of a 4th of July breakfast! Maybe I'll host one next year...


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