Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It has been awhile...

but I wanted to share these layouts!
Items used:
Paper & embellies: Basic Grey Lauderdale available at The Scrapbooking Studio 
Punches & epoxies: Epiphany Crafts {They make great flower centers}
Have a great Wednesday!

Friday, June 10, 2011

10 Things

Today is June 10th.  So I thought I would write 10 things that are going on RIGHT NOW:

1.  Gardening. Landscaping. Whatever you want to call it.  It has be a learning process for us.  For the past month or so we have been working the dirt. 
2.  Ella has been taking dance this year and it is her recital this weekend.  She has been talking about it being 'in a few weeks' for months now.  She loves the costume and is ready for the final dress rehearsal today!
3. My son is going on his first week long scout camp.  He is so excited, but it is stressing me out just a little bit. I know it is going to be a great week for him.
4. While I am talking about the kids, I will say that Sydnee is safe. We had a little scare last week that made the beginning of our summer exciting with a trip to instacare, followed by the hospital.  But she is doing great and ready to finish spring soccer season.
5.  I want to make our 2011 Summer List today!
6.  For the past two mornings I have been up way too early. Yesterday a storm woke us up just after 5 am; to lots of hail, wind, and rain.  On Wednesday, the fire alarm in our room went off while Craig was getting ready for work.  We are not sure why, but I am glad that it works!
7.  The laundry is almost caught up from when I was out of town last week.  Now if I could just get back the energy to make supper!  We have been eating leftovers, sandwiches, cereal, etc.  The kids love it, but I am ready {and my hubby too} for some real food!
8.  Have you seen the movie Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken?  We watched it on Sunday night, and my kids loved it.  It was one of my favorites from my Premiere Video days.
9.  I love the card game GOLF.
10.  There are lots of books in my pile next to the bed right now.  I am loving The Distant Hours and am excited to start The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie series.
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