Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This week of Summer

This summer has been laid back. No big trips, no big plans. I still don't want to forget the little things.....
This week:
slip n' slide
Christian has basketball camp
Sydnee and Ella have fun camp
more slip n' slide
Taco John's and a walk home from the park
the taxi ride
quiet afternoons with nothing to do
ticket to summer
I am getting ready to go to CHA in Chicago for the rest of the week. I know that posts have been many, but that will slow down {actually come to a complete stop} until Monday. See you there! Or come back Monday and I will see you all here...


  1. A girl in our neighborhood is doing it....and it has a different theme each day and they go a make crafts, games, activities for two my kids call it 'fun camp'!

  2. We love the slip-n-slide!! Played on it for two hours this afternoon!!

  3. This fun camp sounds like fun! And I love this slide, great summer fun!

  4. Loved your list of summer happenings, and the slip-n-slide pic.s are so cute.

    Your orange shirt in the post before is way gritty :0)
    Miss ya...

  5. I couldn't find a way to email you. It's Emilie from FreezeHappy. I was wondering if you ever had the chance to make any of the recipes? What did you think?

  6. OK, WHERE is your CHA report!! I know you did leave the Rusty Pickle booth much, but come ON! I can hardly stand it!
    You have electricity, don't ya? :)


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