Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Falling off...

the blog wagon.
Please be patient with me. Besides a busy week out of town for work {and fun}; I have had lots going on the homefront. To top it off, my dear, sweet, lovable children {did I say dear, sweet, and loveable???}, deleted ALL {496} of my pictures from my camera memory card! I have retrieved a I will post about CHA very, very soon.


  1. OH MY GOD!!

    Hey, there is software to retreive those off a card that has been deleted... I would have to ask my hubby more, but it might be well worth it, with so many!!

  2. Heart attack! We are traveling right now & my husband just informed me that my PC died. I did not have another copy of most of our summer trips. :(

    Hope you can recover the pics.


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