Monday, March 17, 2008

Wicked Weekend

I saw this with Linzi at the Oriental Theatre on Saturday. It was more than amazing! I had a complete moment of euphoria. I have put some of my favorite songs on my playlist.
We must never forget this moment....


  1. Kim! I hope you made it home well. I'm here in Winsconsin, at my sister home, freezing! CKU was so intense it still feels like a dream, you know? I loved meeting you, I hope we can stay in touch! Love, Débora (from Brazil)

  2. Am I on Becky Higgins' blog?? :) *She went to Wicked this weekend, too!!

    More, more, more... I must see more!! :)

  3. YAY! so glad you finally got to experience this. I want to go back so bad!!! Wish we could come see you guys this easter weekend:( house hasn't gone through yet!

  4. I loved Wicked! It's in my A Week In The Life scrapbook.


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