Monday, March 24, 2008

Hijacking Mom's Blog


This is Sydnee

I love taking my mom's camera and looking for things to photograph all over the house.

I also love to be on her blog...


Don't tell....


  1. Great photos... Syd! Love the missing tooth hole!! :)

  2. uh oh, looks like someone can photograph and blog just like her mama. Watch out kim! Love ya Syd, miss you!! XOXOXO!

  3. So I found you by chance on the WWW! I was looking @ my sister's blog's friend list and one of her friends had a link to Rochelles and Rochelle linked to you! Are you still in Iowa? I guess I could just email you, but I thought it might just freak you out a bit that I found you! I don't blog...yet...but all is good! Keep in touch!

  4. Hey Syd, we love all your cute pitures. My kids love to take the camera and go on a hayday of snapshots too.

    Guess what.. Sydnee just lost a tooth last week, so you guys look a lot alike : )

  5. Emily - This is one of the greatest reasons that I blog - is to stay in touch with friends. I have connected with many high school friends this way.....I have even posted about this! Check a few months back...I will send you the link!


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