Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stacy Julian

Just a few short weeks after I moved away from my home of 30 years, I was feeling pretty down and wanted to find something to occupy my time. I ordered a book to get me back into scrapbooking, it was called The Big Picture. I read it, sent a copy to a friend,and read it again. It compeletely changed my life and how I scrapbook. I didn't need to keep working on the piles and piles of photographs from years past, when my children were growing up right in front of me. I needed to document what I was doing RIGHT NOW! A few months later, I was able to go to Reminisce in Iowa City, with my good friend, Sue, and listen to Stacy talk about her book and the philosophy of Big Picture Scrapbooking. It was only a couple of hours and I learned so, so much. I learned that I needed to change, and I do believe that I have. I scrapbook the moments, my thoughts, my kids right now. I scrapbook pictures from yesterday because I have a story to tell, that might be forgotten when I get to them in years after they are gone and the moment has been forgotten. I don't take hours on layouts, but try to keep the creativity going by working on projects that only take a short time to finish.
Here are a few lessons that I have learned from Miss Stacy Julian:
*You can only scrapbook in the way you are organized (need to work on this one :)
*Limit your options to help with your creativity
*Write down what your kids say
*Take a picture with your heart (This is your journaling)
*I am not caught up, cause' I am so far ahead....
*Sprinkles can change anything
*Scrapbooking is not about the pictures (it is the pictures and the stories)
*Be where you are, otherwise, you will miss your life.
*Make it so

Good luck to you Stacy, in your continuous endeavors. You have inspired so many people, including myself, to be a better person. Just today, I have taken a bit of time to organize my albums, I am reading Photo Freedom and trying to find a jumping off point. I was thinking to myself, "I wish Stacy could see this..." . At most, I still feel very overwhelmed with my albums, photos, etc. But as I look through them and their 'random chaos' I know that I am getting the stories that are important. That is all thanks to you...


  1. Thanks for sharing the lessons you learned from Miss Stacy!!

    I just might have to borrow that book from you. I promise I will read it!! LOL

  2. Stacy's The Big Picture book completely changed my perspective on scrapbooking! I learned so much from it. I need to read it again. I've been wanting her new book from the first time I read about it. It's going to be the next scrapbooking purchase I make. If it's anything like The Big Picture, it will be phenomenal!

    BTW - I spent almost all day working in my scrap room. Didn't do any scrapbooking--just reorganizing the space, but when I'm done, it should be easier to find things and be creative in there. Good stuff!

  3. Hey! Me too. I'm re-organizing and cleaning and sorting. I've found if I can't see it or find it easily... I don't use it. So, sheri... we are on the same page. Kinda feels good to get re-organized again! Plus, I'm gonna get me one of those Stacy Julian Scrapbook Islands her friend built for her!!

  4. I think I need to read that book. I am having serious issues with my scrapbooking right now! You are always so inspiring...

  5. I think I need to read that book. I am at a stand still with my scrapbooking. i Need help!


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