Thursday, March 20, 2008

We MUST never forget this moment...

The Story of Us....Linzi, Lance, and I
Making Good....
Michigan Ave....The Magnificant Mile!
Table 52
I've had to take a few days to put my feelings into words. I have been listening to the Wicked soundtrack, just singing and it almost brings me to tears, so I had to wait to post about this amazing weekend.
Just before the last day of CKU, Linzi came to Chicago to spend a long weekend with me. She took Lance's Story of Us class on Saturday, and I think that after this experience she will continue to scrapbook. Yippee!
After class, we rushed up to our room to get ready for our big night on the town. Thanks to Matt, we were going to the Oriental Theatre in Chicago to see Wicked! I have heard about this show from many people, and I have been listening to the music since my sisters came last year to see it. Even with all that experience, I just wasn't prepared what would happen to me right there in the show. The music just really gets to you and the preformances were flawless. Then how they weaved the story of The Wizard of Oz throughout, is just unbelievable. I need to find a way to see it again, with Craig and the kids. For Good, is my favorite song, and I knew that I would not be able to control my tears during that one, but Defying Gravity just took my breath away. I can't really describe it any other way, it just leaves you in awe.
The next day, Linzi and I slept in just a little bit (hee, hee) and then went for a late breakfast. We decided to drive back into the city to do some sightseeing. It was awesome! It was the first time for both of us in the city. We were the perfect tourists and kept taking pictures at every corner. We drove all along Lake Shore Drive and then up and down Michigan Ave. about five times. We cannot wait till next time to take our husbands, since they are the ones with the wallets (right, Linzi!)
For the finale of our weekend, we had a reservation at Table 52. This restaurant is run by Oprah's chef, Art Smith. Of course, I would say this is some of the best food I have eaten. I have not tasted alot of Southern food, yet I loved every bite. But I think it was the atmosphere that I will never forget. First, I was with Linzi; second, you could just feel the warmth and kindness that surrounds this place. The chef walked by twice to ask us if we were happy with our meal, and then he helped us with our coats and called me 'dear'. If you are ever in Chicago, especially with someone that you love, take them here.
What would a girls' weekend be without a soak in the hot tub and a late, late movie? I am still trying to catch up on my sleep!


  1. oh- it sounds like you had the best weekend ever! I am so glad that you got to see Wicked. I have heard about it from other friends, but until recently I haven't heard any of the music. I want to put seeing that show on my "to do in the next 5 years" list.

  2. So true about defying gravity. When ever I hear that song it still brings tears to my eyes. It IS an amazing show! I'm glad you guys had a great time. Wish I was there.

  3. Can't we all go back to see WICKED and go shopping in CHICAGO? I LOVED that place so much! It looks like you had a GREAT time!

  4. ve never seen Wicked, but I have heard it is amazing, and it sounds like you enjoyed the show a little!! I can't wait to see it!

    I remember when I saw Rent on Broadway, and I bought the CD and listened to it everyday before I left for NY. I was blown away!!

    I am so happy you had a great time. It is great to be able to do something that you love, and get paid for it!

  5. So jealous of your FUN weekend! It looks like you had a wonderful time and soaked up every minute! Can't wait to see Wicked, maybe I will get there, someday! :)

  6. Oh Kim, I'm so excited you got experience this!! I felt the exact same way when I saw it, I broke into tears everytime I heard it even after listening to it over and over for how many hours Kara? 22, on our drive home. Wish I would have been there, definitly have to do it again next time we come! So glad you and Lindsey had such an amazing time!


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