Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Introducing The Garner Family

Grandma Pattee and Grandpa Burton sent us some silly teeth in our Halloween Package. The kids (and Craig) had fun with them last night while we were carving pumpkins. The photos say it all.....
We would like to dedicate this song (on the playlist) to Grandma Pattee...it is one of her favorites!


  1. All I can say is... PRICELESS!
    You're family is going to have so much fun looking back on these for years to come...

  2. that picture is so craig classic. How fun!! Glad you had a good haloween so far oh and kirsten is tinker bell too, except she says twinker bell. hahaha

  3. Look at how cute your flowers in your pots on your porch are. You're so good. You always transfer in some fall flowers and they look great! I always loose interest in my potted flowers mid-august and the thought of pulling out the existing ones and replacing with fall flowers is more than I can handle, although I sit and tell myself all year long that I love yours and I'm going to do it this year... ha ha ha

  4. Awesome pictures. Are those used teeth? J/K!! Glad to see you keep the Burton tradition miles away.


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