Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

Sydnee as a High School Musical Cheerleader
*Edited: This is a different costume than the one Sydnee wore for the Trunk R' Treat. We had ordered this online, and hadn't received it, so she borrowed a cheerleader costume from our neighbor. Thanks Emily!
Christian as a Iowa Hawkeye Football Player
Ella as Tinkerbell

On Tuesday night was Trick or Treat for our neighborhood, Garner Farms. Christian and Sydnee took off with their friends and Ella stayed behind to pass out candy and wait for her friend Hallie to come. After awhile Ella finally wanted to go out into the neighborhood. She would say "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You" and then as she was walking down the drive, she would turn around and holler "Happy Halloween!" It was fun to see her get into the spirit! Before the night began, I took the kids to the park to get some good pictures. All Ella wanted to do was get to the slide, so even though she was running away the whole time, her pictures turned out the best. After the night was over, we have a tradition of going to our neighbors, The Farnsworths, for tacos. It is always so fun and casual. The kids have a good time and the adults get a chance to talk. This is the third year that we have had this tradition, so I hope that it stays around.


  1. We missed you guys! All the costumes are great and your kids look adorable, as usual!

  2. You got some great pictures! I can't believe you had time to fit in going to the park for a little picture session before trick-or-treating and make your to die for Halloween dinner.
    You're amazing!

    Love the picture of Ella running. So cute!

  3. Looks like Tinkerbell was very popular this year! I had one too. You know this is the only time of the year that I am grateful for the heat here. No coats for our trick-or-treating. It looks cold there!

  4. Thanks Kim for posting these halloween photos. Looks like you guys had a wonderful full week of halloween.The costumes are great. We miss you guys. You put so much into all that you do as a family. You make us proud Love Dad

  5. where the heck did you get ellas adorable costume???
    so cute!! Looks like fun, syd looks cute, I think she's still too young for higschool musical atleast in my mind she's still baby sydnee ;)


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