Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Party

Last night, we carved pumpkins for Family Night. Sydnee also wanted to try roasting the pumpkin seeds, so we used Candi's recipe. After supper, we dug out all the seeds and put them in the oven to roast...the kids started on their pumpkins and Christian chose a hard pattern, but he stuck with it and got it done! I was very proud of him. Check out their amazing work. Ella had some help from Dad, but Sydnee and Christian carved their pumpkins all by themselves! It was a great night. Trick-or-Treating is tonight (Tuesday) in Davenport, because of the downtown Halloween Parade on Wednesday. So we will have some more pictures to post after tonight!
**Edited: We did use the pumpkin carving tools by Pumpkin Masters...they are very helpful and safe.


  1. How dang cute are those... I can't believe that Christian did that whole Frankenstein face by himself. Did you have one of those special carving sets? I never gotten one; but have heard that it's a thousand times easier than using a regular knife. Maybe I should come up in the world, huh...

  2. Your picture turned out great, you will have to share your secret!! I took 100 pics and got nothin'!


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