Monday, October 1, 2007

Ella's Birthday

We had a great weekend celebrating Ella's birthday. Last week, I kept asking her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said, "Go to the park and slide on the green slide." So that is what we did! Dad picked up dinner and we met him at the park by our house. The kids played and just before dark, we sang "Happy Birthday" and opened her presents. Many of her presents came from family far away. She really enjoyed all of the gifts and is still playing with all her new loot. Our friend, Emily gave her a mini-electric guitar, and she loves "rocking out". We also had many songs on our answering machine from Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Maren, and Aunt Linzi and Jade. She listens to the messages over and over again and says, "Thanks" at the end of each message. So thank you to everyone for loving Ella and wishing her a wonderful birthday. I think that three is going to be a great year...


  1. I wish Colin was turning 3 again. Things we so simple. He is coming up on his 4th birthday in November and for the last two months been telling me what he wants. Any TV commercial and anything we see at the store. It is driving me crazy!!!
    Happy Birthday Ella!!!!

  2. We love Ella! Jordan was so sad to miss her birthday and kept talking about it all weekend. The pictures are so cute.

  3. Darling pictures Kim. I especially like the one of Ella blowing the candles and the one of her holding up three fingers. So cute!

    Wish our kids were closer so they could get to know their second cousins. But at least we're in Utah now so we can see you occasionally when you come home for a visit.

  4. I hope Ella Umbrella {Should have been named Stella} had a GREAT third birthday!

  5. Such beautiful children! My Lucas turned 3 on 9/21 ;) Such a fun age.


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