Monday, October 15, 2007

I am Two Days Late...

Saturday day was my best friend, Sandee's birthday. One of the reasons that I can say best friend, is because she has been my friend the longest. Our friendship started within the classrooms of Kindergarten with our teachers, Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Hill. I think that was about the same year that she started having the "Sandee Oxley Birthday Party" which is and was the biggest party of the year. It was always a sleepover and fun movies and a good jump on the tramp. There are too many memories about those birthday parties that I don't want to forget, including Icabod Crane and The Headless Horseman, someone getting stuck up in Sandee's tree in the backyard, jumping until I (almost) peed my pants, laughing with Sherry and Kallie (Sandee's older sister and her best friend that never made us feel like we were too young to hang out), and many more memories! Since we have gotten older, she still has an amazing party. One year we even pulled off a little surprise. This weekend, I tried to not really think about it, but it still kept coming to my mind. I am trying not to think about being miles away, but it sounds like they had a great time again this year.
Happy Birthday to a friend that is so genuine, loyal, and true. I have learned more from Sandee than I could ever thank her for. We connect in a way, well, that can only be explained by saying that it all started when we were in Kindergarten....


  1. It's fun to hear other's memories of the parties we always had... it makes the one's way back in the beginning feel even more real and closer to the present than they really are. Plus, you're such a good writer. I love the way you translate your memories into words.

    You always say such great things about me and I can only say the same for you, Kim. You're so talented and smart. I love all your wisdom. If ever I'm wondering, worried, or stressed about something.. you can always talk me through it and I feel like everything is going to be okay. Thank You!

  2. Whoaaa! That bleached blond hair in the middle picture of me has got to go!!! Thanks for posting those pic.s all right in a row, I can clearly see that I look much better with darker hair. ha ha ha

  3. Happy Birthday Sandee! I also was privy to a couple of those birthday's and had a blast! You two are so lucky for your friendship. Hold on to it forever.


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