Tuesday, May 25, 2010

through the best lens...

When I attended Spark last year, I learned a lesson from Jefra in our photography class that I will never forget. She told us 'the eye is the best lens'. It didn't matter what fancy camera or editing equipment we had, photography begins with the eye. At the beginning of her presentation she showed us several amazing pictures she had taken with

{wait for it}

her cell phone camera! Really? Your Motorola cell phone? Wow.
So I have started taking many more shots with my cell phone, then emailing them to myself and downloading them to my digital picture folders. {That was also a trick that I learned from a fellow Sparkler}
I really have no excuse for not bringing my camera anymore. I have a collection of fabulous, in the moment, pictures that I cherish.
Well, this past weekend I was in Buffalo, NY and I had forgotten my camera. How was I ever going to shoot a good photo of one of the wonders of the world {Niagra Falls}??
With my cell phone of course.
Behold the cell phone camera shoot of Niagra Falls:

Now, I know I cannot print these in poster-size prints, but they are good enough for me.

Here are few more fave photos from my phone this weekend:

Loved the button farm booth this past weekend. It has really expanded into an amazing shopping experience! Tomorrow I will be back with some more pictures of peeps from my weekend! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Your photography teacher was right on Kim, but I'm still amazed at the shots you got with your cell phone! Really nice.

    You still gonna call me?


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