Monday, May 10, 2010

seven degrees of inspiration

I received an email from a good friend last week and wanted to share it here. This friend I only spent 3 days with at CKU-Anaheim. This was almost 3 years ago. We have kept in touch. I can't wait for the day we can get together again! She is such a beautiful,creative soul. Here is her email:

I'm sad your feeling you've lost your Scrapin' Mojo. But you inspired me. I was at a crop two weeks ago. Which really almost never do and I had seen your blog post and one of your layouts inspired the attached one in photo.The second photo is how you inspired me a long time ago. I had seen a post you post about Christine Middlecamp's blog a long time ago and started following her blog every so often, which is about as much as anyone. She posted about a fabric designer that I fell in love with....Patty Young anyway when I was redoing Maddy's room for her big girl bed I wanted to use her fabrics. I bought a pillow Patty actually made with the fabrics as my inspiration. So a year plus later I'm finially finishing the project. I painted these huge flowers on the wall and the centers are magnetic board to hang art up high and work with letters ect at the bottom. Hence it all stems from your blog. Anyway, I hope you find your mojo.

This is why I love blogging.....I am inspired daily by the blogs that I read. My husband laughs because I read my 'blog line' more than the newspaper or current events. It is where I seek inspiration daily. I am happy that my friend and I can continue to inspire each other thousands of miles away....thanks friend!

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  1. The flowers on the wall are fabulous! Your friend did an amazing job. You may be resting your creative spirit but you continue to inspire us... see, you are still giving.


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