Thursday, May 13, 2010

Going Back

Today I was thinking about my past, and feeling overwhelmed by the photos that I haven't printed and the memories that I haven't written down. But today I was reassured that everything is going to be ok. I was looking for a particular picture and post that I made several years ago. So I was trolling the blog posts from years past. And wow. I found some good stuff that I had forgotten. Some great and not so great mom moments. Some good, good memories.

And I am grateful.

I hope you will take a trip back in time on your blog today. And look at the past posts and pictures.

Now I need to print this bloggity-blog o' mine!

Any suggestions?


  1. My sister uses Blurb to publish her blog each year. I turns out nicely.

  2. BLURB is the BEST BEST BEST. ....and cheapest. I have checked them all. Thier quality is great. Call me if you want instuctions. 801-913-6051 love ya!

  3. I just got ALL of my blog printed from the very beginning!!! I just got the books on Saturday and LOVED them!!! Go to

    Seriously it is so simple!! It took me about an hour and a half to print my blog from 2007!! I did a book for each 3 months.

    Funny you ask, I was going to blog about it today!!


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