Wednesday, May 26, 2010

garage sale...

A few weeks ago, my friend and I had a garage sale. We gathered a bunch of tables and filled them with stuff that we no longer needed. I had many toys, clothes, and creative stuff. O.K. to be honest I had some {lots} of junk from inside my house. Well, from the toys that I was selling, there were some Little People that I have cherished since my oldest was a toddler. I think sometimes moms love Little People more than kids.
They are so cute and fun, and fun and cute.
I think they bring back childhood memories. There is a connection with the past.
We have these British Little People. Yes, they came from over the pond. Great-Grandpa and Grandma had given them to Christian when he was young; or Grandpa and Grandma brought them to the oldest as a souvenir....not sure. But I do know they came from 'The Mother Land'.
I get giddy over them! I love the fireman, that he is wearing scuba gear.
I love the bobby and the dog is just precious.
Well, I had them in the garage sale. I know it was so hard to put a price on them. Well, I took this picture thinking they were going to go to a lovely home, but no one purchased them. Nope. And I didn't have them priced very high at all {promise}. I think it was just a sign that they were supposed to stay with us. And I found them the perfect home on a shelf in Christian's room.


  1. I Love those, they are definitely a keeper! I love the British Bobby. It is fun to see what you have been up to, I love watching your Blog!

  2. Are you kidding?? You don't get rid of things like that!! :) His kids will play with them! Or you send them to Candi's kids! hehehhe We LOVE little people!!


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