Thursday, December 10, 2009

*A Weekend of Awesomeness: Spark*

I know it has been over a month since this event. I have gone over and over in my mind what I wanted to say about it, and do it justice.

Sometimes you just have to take a break and do something for yourself. I knew that I needed this event. I needed to fill my empty soul with new creative ideas and feelings. For 2 days I did just that. After Spark, I felt an overwhelming feeling of love for my creative soul. But when I arrived home & fell back into the day to day mix of was slipping again. I know there are certain things in my life that I need to let go of to feel that Spark again. Things that make me scared. Things that make me nervous. But I want that feeling from Spark to be with me all the time. I want to feel that I can create on my own terms and share with others. To believe in myself....and what I create.

I also was privledged to attend SPARK with my best friend in the entire world. She has been my best friend since the moment we met in Kindergarten. Our relationship has not always been perfect, we had our moments in high school where you regret your selfish teenage attitude and wish you could go back and change everything. But I am grateful for humility and maturity and time that brings friendships to life once again. We had a wonderful 2 days together. We could be ourselves and learn from each other. My friend is uber-creative and I loved just seeing her in the elements that make her happy! I loved that we didn't rely on each other at every moment. We could go 'do our thing' then come back together and share.

I also need to say something about the creators of SPARK. Margie, Elizabeth, Rhonna, & Jefra. These 4 women orchestrated the most beautiful event! There was not one aspect of the weekend that was overlooked. They are creative. They wanted to share their creativity. SPARK was such an unconditional gift to everyone in attendance from these ladies. I felt their love everywhere!
This is what one of my new friends said about SPARK. I hope she doesn't mind that I shared it here, since when I read her words I felt the exact same way:

"SPARK taught me to EMBRACE my ideas...own it, love it, share it! Then VENTURE to new bold, be brave... Fill my life with TREASURES, embellish them, and let the process REPLENISH my well.
My mind is spinning, my heart is overflowing and my creative soul is bursting with energy, delight, and SPARKLE! Sisterhood is a sweet, necessary morsel that makes us better, brighter and stronger. Together we bouy each other to heights that can't be reached alone. Nothing sparks another's light better than a sincere compliment. When women are strong and filled, there is PURPOSE. There is JOY. There is UNITY!
I want to spread the ENERGY. I want to PLAY. I want to SHINE! I want to create lovely things for others." HOLLA!

It was also so good to see old and make new *Creative Friends* I can't wait to see them down the road...

When the event was coming to an end...after the bonfire and we walked down main street all together. As I walked arm in arm with my friend....with the lanterns and decorations throughout the trees...I had the biggest moment of gratitude. I was grateful for my life, for my husband and children, for all the good and bad experiences that I have been given...all to learn from. I was just so thankful to be in the moment. I needed that feeling in my life more.....a grateful spirit all the time.
{And Chris Brown was singing in the background 'Forever'...every time I hear that song now I can't stop crying! Even a month later!}
What a beautiful ending...
{I will be sharing my soon I finish them!}


  1. Every time I go to your page I just can't help but smile at that big snowman picture at the top.. he's so gritty!!!

    Anyhoo, about Spark.. loved everything you said about your feelings and experiences there.. and especially about your little old friend "me" - Going to Spark with you was like a life-long-wish dream-come-true for me... I didn't know if you'd be able to come or not but when I found out about it I just thought of you instantly and knew we needed to be there together, somehow... someway... and it all worked out! I'm so thankful~

    Love ya muchly!

  2. I had the best time there and I was so glad to share that special time with you. It is so hard to describe what a special event it much more then cute projects and fun decor...the feelings, inspiration, and bonding were incredible.

    Thanks for the great pics! I'm so happy that the 3 of us "matched" gloves!

  3. How fun! I had no idea you went to this event....I am envious!

    Suresh said he saw you around Halloween...I miss seeing you at the TS crops...hope to see you soon!!


  4. oh my sweeeet Spark Sister! I LOVE what you said made me all teary eyed...yes, even AFTER the event the Spark is still ignited....we are all creative sisters. love ya TONS!


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