Thursday, February 28, 2008


Today we were so blessed to have the sun shining and a bright blue sky! After the kids left for school, I stood in front of the sliding glass door and felt the warmth of the sun. I stood there for ten minutes. I didn't want to step away from the warmth. Ella thought I was crazy.
I thought I was crazy.
But it felt so good.
Even when the sun is shining here, it is just playing a trick, because the moment you step outside, ha - it is beyond freezing! But inside, today, I could feel it on the glass pane and it felt so good....sunshine.


  1. It was like that here yesterday. I dressed the kids in shorts and flip flops,got in the car and saw that is was 44 degrees outside. Whoops! I live in Florida, I thought they never saw the likes of the 40 degree temps around here. I'm moving. Stupid Florida!!!

  2. Oh, I love it too! It's been like that here for the past couple of days and it's making me so eager for spring/summer to set in... : )

  3. Do we live the same place??? 'Cause I am reading this after a horrible 30mph drive home!

  4. It sounds like you have some of our Southern California weather! It's been really nice this week (in the 70's)... ENJOY!


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