Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dear Mr. Winter

I have really enjoyed your stay here at our home. It has been great to have you here. The kids have enjoyed sledding, I love sipping hot chocolate with you, and the big, fluffy flakes of white are beautiful to watch out the window. But enough is enough. You have worn out your welcome. The coats, hats, boots, snowpants, gloves, scarfs, sweaters, and hoodies that have been left on my floor everyday for the past three months are driving me insane! I love the coziness of our fireplace, but the dry skin and lips is pushing me over the edge. Please, take the next warmfront and get the h-e-double hockey sticks out of here! Do you hear me???
Love ya,
P.S. See ya next year....


  1. I agree, winter has to go!!
    I loved your video. You will have to show me how to do that. I always love seeing video of your kids, and I think sledding is the only reason we should have snow!

  2. This is a lot nicer letter than I feel like writing. :)

  3. I agree with Nobody. The thoughts going through my head about this fabulous winter are not as G rated as yours. It's bad enough that we are frozen one second after walking outside, I also have the constant fear of falling flat on my back while trying to navigate my body across a 2 in. thick sheet of ice!

  4. LOVE THIS POST! Cute idea! You should scrap it hehe :)

  5. Dear Mr. Winter {part II}

    Yeah! What my friend said.

    Love ya.

  6. I must be a weird-o but it's still snowing here in Utah and I love it. I'm not ready for skinny weather. YOu know, skinny clothes. I still like my winter fat!

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  8. Amen Sister!!! I cant' wait for Spring to come... and to see the pretty pink blossoms on the tree outside Sydnee & McKynlee's window. Planting my pots, etc..

    Cute video of the kids sledding though! And way cute scrapbook pages you've been throwing together like a crazy woman! hee hee hee

  9. I agree. We keep getting rained on. At this rate Christian will graduate from High School by the time I make it through flight school.

  10. I so agree with this one! So done with winter, even skiing today I kept thinking I can't wait for summer!


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