Monday, February 25, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Need a quick hairdo? Put on a hat and add two messy ponies! Love it! Let's get outta here.....
(Hat provided by Ella's know who you are!) After these photos were taken, Ella had to take a few of me. One of them turned out great, and is now the picture on the right....


  1. I love the hat. It's so cute, but then again, so is Ella. I'm not sure which is cuter now that I think about it!!

    And, I love your new blog pic, too. She's got her mom's creative side!

  2. Ok, that is the dang cutest picture of Ella. The top one, she looks like she's striking a little pose in a play or something. And the hat... love it! Ella's hat and your darling shirt in your new pic. remind me of the look of the your header on your blog.

  3. awwww so dang cute! Look at that smile!! Love it!! And your new pic is great, I miss my hair being long and looking good in hats!

  4. Ella always looks cute, but she looks so adorable in these two pictures. That hat is so cute..she looks just like you!


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