Friday, February 8, 2008

A Girl Can Dream Right?

I open my email this morning to find a advertisment from Country Home Magazine about cupcakes, cookies, etc. for Valentine's Day....but what catches my eye is something bigger. A Catch-All Room. This is a fantastic concept! A room for laundry, cleaning supplies, paying bills, gardening, crafting, etc. I guess we will be knocking out walls this weekend. (Hee-Hee) Hey Linzi - if your house plans aren't complete...I would add this in!


  1. I would love a room like this!!Thanks for sharing, this will go into the file I have for when we finally build our own home!!

  2. WOW!!!!! That is way beyond GRITTY! Don't we all wish we had a room like this. I think about at least once a day...

    So cute.

  3. They actually took pictures of my house for that ad! Just kidding. I wish.

  4. oh how I would love that room! Who really has that? no one I least we can dream about eh?


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