Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Get By With a Little Help from my Friend...

and my neighbor......thanks for digging us out!
Ella had to taste it to see if it tasted as good as Hallie says that snow is...
"I was a huge fan..."
Snow day today. Lots of heavy, frozen snow. Kids played in it for about five minutes. Too cold....came in and now they are back playing Wii....
Hat hair!


  1. Hey, it looks like Utah.. only you guys have a "snow day" and the kids get to stay home from school. We have been getting dumped on too, every single day... it never stops. Love the hat hair picture of Ella.

    We are going down south to see my parents next weekend and I can hardly wait to get to warmer climates.

  2. I cannot believe that!!! It never snowed nearly that much when we lived in Iowa.

  3. I just had to chuckle at the superfan!!! Fun time... weather must have been completely different in my state!... the kids had a blast outside! (or maybe just 'cause we don't have a wii to play???!!)

  4. I was a huge fan, too. I can understand the letdown and disappointment of it all.

  5. kim I Just got your message, hahahaha about looking at my profile on a dating website. LOL love it!

  6. Oh man i was hoping someone was enjoying warmer weather!! I am trying to find a way out of the snow hole! Hey i need some idea's on crafts that i can do while i'm on bedrest?? Any idea's crafty kim? - and please don't say scrapbooking!!


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