Monday, June 14, 2010

junk store adventures

Recently I took a trip to a new junk store and snapped some pictures. Junk Asylum: check it out soon!
An original 'scrap'book! Stacks & stacks of these books from all different years...pages and pages of magazine clippings glued onto contruction paper....{loved this page with all the chairs}
This type of scrapbook was filled with different ads, trends, epherma, etc. during a certain year. {No actual photographs} So fun to flip through!

LOVED THIS CORNER OF THE STORE....I just stood and smiled....such a beautiful, inspirational display.
Need more time! {and $$ to shop!}

Cameras, cameras, cameras....I want a collection of old cameras. I just need a place for them.


  1. I have been hitting this junk store since they opened earlier in the year. It just keeps getting better and better. I picked up the frame that I used in a store project there. Great prices on frames. I am also trying to do something like Lynn did in her home.

  2. Hi Kim, it's Heather from Family Volley. I just wanted to thank you for your comment today. I am so glad you like sleeping in tents. I used to until this week. Too much rain really does you in. We were safe though and that is a blessing.
    I love your blog. I have had so much fun browsing around. I will be back often. I am going to go to sleep tonight wishing I could visit your newest thrift store find.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. It is in Park View, IA. You need to go, you will love it. Call me if you are in the area, maybe we can go together! {Megan & Amy}

  4. I just we had more time to browse!
    Oh, and I DID go back and get that toy typewriter! I couldn't help it!

  5. I want to go and check this out!


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