Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Growing Up

5th Grade Recognition Night 2010
Christian...We are so proud of you! You are making some good decisions and I know that you will continue to be the great kid that you are. To my oldest, I know I can be tough on you, but I love ya!

So proud! He has had a great year! He has also been blessed with some really good friends who have really great parents too. We are so grateful for that. I know that going to middle school will be a huge change, but he will have some great buddies that are going along with him.
I really haven't wanted to post about this, because I am still facing the anxiety of him leaving elementary school and going to middle school. Wow. It is going to be a change for us as parents having to deal with some different 'growing up' changes. But we are up for the challenge!

I am so grateful for good teachers this year. He had a great year because of this teacher. Just taking a little extra time and raising your expectations can really change a kid. We are glad for the experiences he had this year.


  1. Wow it is so crazy how time flies! Look at all your cute kids... I can remember really looking up to you and excited to be in middle school with you. I can also understand all that anxiety... my oldest is starting Alta this year... I think it just brings back all that anxiety you felt there.

  2. What a good-looking kid! I'm with you in feeling anxiety about having them grow up and move on to the next stage. Heaven, please help us!

    The family reunion turned out really well, as I'm sure you've heard already. I took tons of pictures for you. When (if?) my crazy life slows down a little, I'll get them posted or e-mailed to you. :-)


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