Sunday, June 13, 2010

{comings & goings....

May! just flew by. Here are a few things that happened during the month:
Father & Sons Outing....Christian has a great time at scouts each week and in the beginning of May they held the Father & Sons. Here he is with his friend during the camp out. They have been friends for several years and he is moving in July. We are going to miss their entire family!

We also had a preschool graduation! Chatterbox Preschool has been our preschool for 3 years! Sydnee went there and Ella was there for 2 years. We love this school! They had their graduation and performed several songs. Ella was very excited to sing and she sang so loud that she almost passed out. I have some video documentation of this and need to was comical. When the program ended, I asked Ella why she was screaming while she was singing and she said that her teacher told them they needed to sing really loud! Wow I wonder where she gets her loud voice from? Hmmm....

The day before preschool graduation, Ella and I went on a field trip to the Quad City Botanical Garden. This was our first time there and we loved it! They learned all about gardening and different plants that are interesting to all of our senses. It was a little bit cold, but was fun. Ella's favorite part was the pond with all the fish and touching the plant with the leaves that move!

Christian had his spring piano recital in the beginning of May. He loves piano, but hates practicing. He is really growing in his talent and has started to play popular songs. For the recital he played Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter. He also played Spring from the Four Seasons by Vivaldi. His teacher picked a classical piece for each student.
I still need to post about the end-of-school activities {5th grade day & recognition, last day of school, etc.} and what plans we have for the summer. Be back soon!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Your kids are getting so big... I'm sad that we don't live close so our kids can share in all the fun experiences of growing up together like we did.. :(


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