Saturday, December 19, 2009

{One thing I miss

about Christmas in Salt Lake City...

picture from Flickr

{and our family of course!} Temple Square is beautiful this time of year....and was a Christmas tradition throughout my childhood. It continued after I was married and had kids. Until we moved to Iowa

It is the tradition that I miss the most. Even on the coldest of nights, it is beautiful and brings the spirit of Christmas into your soul instantly.

I remember one year, very early in our marriage. We had a huge arguement....a big fight. We didn't live very far from downtown SLC. I drove down alone and walked through Temple Square. I also walked the streets surrounding the temple. It was beautiful and humbling. I knew that I wanted to swallow my pride and have the Christmas spirit in my heart. I walked and walked alone for hours....thinking....and soaking in all the beautiful lights and sounds of Christmas. I needed that feeling then and I need it again now...

This, the spirit of Christmas, that forever and ever endures. May it leave its richest blessing in the hearts of you and yours.
Author Unknown


  1. Oh I totally know what ya mean.. there's such an amazing feeling there! We are going together as a family tonight and then gathering back at my parents for hot cocoa and goodies! I wish you could come that would make it even better : )

    So LOVIN' the very vintage aprons too. You're hair looks cute too!

    ~Merry Christmas My Friend

  2. awww... SLC misses you....& so do I!
    Merry Christmas, sweets!

  3. I SO miss it. They make the Temple grounds here beautiful, but it's still not the same.


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