Friday, December 18, 2009

{Apron Strings...

After attending Spark and being inspired by Kelly McCaleb and all her vintage fabric goodness....I asked my mom for some of the 'goods' that she had stored away. Tablecloths, quilts, & aprons....all handmade by women that I love. She had a bunch of aprons....some from my Aunt Dot, & one that my mom made in ninth grade.
So when Thanksgiving came around...we each chose an apron and wore it! I really think it made our meal so yummy. Many times in the kitchen, I get overwhelmed. I am not a good cook, nor will I ever be. I am very impatient. I cook most things on high and watch them bubble over.
But on this day, I was calm and enjoyed every item that we made. It took all day and into the night to clean up, but I think the apron made me happy to be cooking for my little family. Craig even laughed when later that night, long after all the dishes were clean; I was sitting on the couch, still wearing the apron.
I especially love the one that Ella is wearing..don't you?


  1. love the aprons, we have a vintage orange & white checked one too, but it has brown ric rac trim on it.:0)

  2. I LOVE the orange gingham! It makes me want to start collecting old aprons--too bad other people have already beat me to them! Where does one go?

    Loved this!!!

  3. I wear aprons all the time... one usually goes on when I start dinner and stays on until close to bedtime. Don't you feel domestic!


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