Sunday, December 27, 2009

{Life Is A Highway....

Lynn made this video for us....she is a good friend and has a small addiction to Animoto. I love it and have wanted to do something like this for years. Thanks my friend!


  1. the song is perfect for you! very cute and what a wonderful thing to make for someone

  2. This is so cute, Kim....Your friend is a rock star!!

  3. How fun!!! I have another friend addicted to Animoto {wink}!! I have been meaning to get on there!! But now that Lynn is on board I KNOW it's cool :) LOVE IT!!!

    PS... do you have a pet llama??

  4. Kim, I got my lanterns that are on my front porch at kohls, but it was this fall when they were on this spring at walmart because they had some awesome looking ones this year too, they were copper and had really big ones and the size I have. Good luck!


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