Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DoN't SmiLe & PeRleR BeAdS

This was the funnest family night that we have had all year! After I had given the lesson, about baptism. I held a rope across the room to show Sydnee how deep the water would be. This soon turned into a limbo game! Everyone had to try the limbo! Sydnee had the activity and wanted to play this game she called Don't Smile. One person sat with a serious face and another person tried to get them to smile. It was such a fun, spontaneous night! I love when it works out just like this...

Grandpa and Grandma were here and that made it even more fun! And there is only one thing to describe when Grandpa and Grandma are here:
PERLER BEADS! They brought these with them and my kids created for hours. We have so many perler bead creations, they are being used for gift tags this Christmas! Everyone was creating, including Grandpa.

1 comment:

  1. we have been doing PERLER bead the past two days NON STOP!! Hallie can't get enough!!

    Seriously... the water is that deep??

    I can't wait to see everything from Spark!! COme on lady!! :)


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