Wednesday, October 8, 2008


On Sunday, Oct. 7th, 2001; Christian and I had spent the day at Grandma Pattee's for General Conference. Dad was at work, and came to pick us up to take us home. As soon as we got home, and got Christian in bed; I sat down to watch the news and my water broke! You were on your way! We dropped big brother off at Grandma Garner's and went straight to Jordan Valley Hospital. We got there at about midnight and they started me on pitocin to get the contractions going. At about 7:00 am, I was progressing fine. Dr. Sundwall came in to check on me and said that you would be born about noon. We called everyone to give them the update. Soon after, the nurse came in to 'check' my contractions and I was fully dialated. It was now about 8 am and Dad was getting breakfast and Dr. Sundwall was in surgery. You would have to wait a little bit longer. After Dad returned, Dr. Sundwall was called in and I was ready for you to be born. It was so wonderful for your Dad to be there, and for him to see you be born. Dr. Sundwall did a great job. He is a fantastic doctor. You were so beautiful. We were so happy you made it here safe and sound. {Written in your baby book 2001}
I went to Sydnee's baby book this morning to be reminded of the story of her birth. With Ella's birthday last week, I had told someone this exact story of how Ella was born. I guess I got them a little mixed up. Sydnee was such a happy, content baby. She never cried.
Now my little baby is SEVEN! I don't really know how to put into words the way I feel about her. She is energetic, passionate, and just a little crazy. She is everyone's friend. Sydnee can be mad one moment and loving the next. Craig says she is like a puppy dog; she never thinks, she just does! We love you Syd! Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sydnee!!
    We love you!!

  2. Happy Birthday Sydnee From Hagen

    Happy Birthday Sydnee. you are a very cute and kind little girl.

  3. Happy Birthday Syndee. From Hagen

    She is such a sweet girl. hope her birthday was a good one.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYDNEE-LOO!!!! That's coming from the other Sydnee with two E's! : )

  5. Didn't I just call you one day ago just to reconfirm Syd's b-day. I'm such a forgetful aunt. Tell her happy b-day and we'll call her in the am.

  6. Hapy birthday to her! They do grow up too fast...


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