Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Soccer In The Mist

She had her last game on Saturday.
She scored 5 goals to celebrate.


  1. Holy cow, way to go! My kids still have a grand total of . . . 0 . . . goals scored. In 6 seasons of soccer. But they have a really good time . . .

  2. That is so cool. Reminds me of Scotland.

  3. The yucky weather makes for neat pictures!! She's a superstar!! (or coud they not see her coming??)

  4. When I watch the kids sometimes the nieghbors come over and play soccer. They under-estimate Sydnee and she usually ends up beating the boys.

    I especially love it when they smack talk against girls and soccer and I hear Christian say, 'Um, guys...she's pretty good.' and Syd responds, 'Yeah, I am. Thanks Christian.' I love those moments between them.

  5. What beautiful and unique soccer pictures! That looks much better than the 95 degree weather my kids are still playing soccer in...ugh! Love your Halloween witch's hat!


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