Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Love New England In The Fall

I knew this was going to be a good show when we pulled up to unload the class kits and there was a cart waiting.....usually I have to hunt a cart down!
This gal ROCKS the Rusty Pickle classes! There were so many students that just amaze me every time...

I had a great time at CKC in Connecticut. I taught nine was jam packed full of fun. I worked with Alaina and Tiffani from Rusty Pickle. We had some good laughs.....I know I am always saying that my favorite part about teaching is meeting so many amazing women. Hello all you amazing women! {Waving my hands uncontrollably!}
P.S. Tiffani - I still need the evidence from Chili's....


  1. Ok, this is not fair.. every time I turn around you're going or should I say "have gone" somewhere new AGAIN... I would LOVE to go to Conn. or almost anywhere back east during the FaLL. You little stinker. I can't keep up with you anymore. Sounds like lots of fun though, and I'm glad you're a big part of it! How could you NOT be... you're one of the most talented, creative.. people I know!

    Hey, we are going to KS for sure!!!!!! We just decided to make it a road trip instead of flying, it's going to save us an astronomical amount of money to do it that way.. We're leaving the 23rd to drive out and then we'll be leaving on the 1st to drive back home. : )

  2. Don´t you think sometimes that we should pay our students to teach them, cause we have so much fun? We are so lucky to get to do this! I wish I was there too... Can you share pictures of the projects?


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