Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crop Circles

MDA Crop
This is the woman behind this amazing fundraiser & crop. I am not sure how much money they raised, but I know it was a lot! She is the biggest cheerleader for the MDA and the best crop organizer that I know!
Picklelicious Make & Takes
In the past few weeks I have attended several scrapbooking crops that have been so much fun. Over the years, cropping has become one of my favorite pastimes. As I became a more serious scrapper, or one that did it as a job, I went to less and less crops, and just found myself working alone in my basement. This is sometimes a good way to get things done, but not the best way to enjoy scrapbooking. Crops are not to get projects done, they are to enjoy the process of creativity. They are to learn from each of your friends, or croppers. They are to laugh at yourself and each other. And of course to eat really yummy food. It doesn't really matter if there are three-hundred scrappers or five, a crop is always a really good time...
Check back soon for some pictures from the 1st annual Twisted Sistas crop!

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  1. This is cool, but I want to hear about the Sistas crop! BTW - love your new stuff for RP! :o)


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