Monday, May 19, 2008

Pictionary Charades

Tonight we went over to The Baldwin's for Part 2 of Parker's Birthday Weekend. They had so much food leftover from his party on Saturday, that they invited us over for dinner tonight. We had delicious steaks and the best grilled chicken I have ever tasted {Cindy I need the recipe}. We had so many yummy appetizers, salads, dips, and desserts, that I actually need all the recipes. So after our feast, we all got together for a competitive game of Pictionary Charades. Now before I tell you about the game, you have to know that The Baldwin's are a Game family. They love games. And it is so fun to play with them. They know so many card games, that I am going to have to start taking weekly lessons. They also have a daughter that is home from college for the weekend that is the {QUEEN} of games. She loves to win, and hates to lose. If she loses, then there is a rematch, or she just 'let you win'. {Love ya, Raq!} This game Pictionary Charades is just like the title says you play with the Pictionary cards and board, but you don't draw, you use charades. It was so much fun I think even 'the bachelor' had a good time. We had some tough ones including:
counterfeit money
boa constrictor
Charlie Brown
And then we had some funny ones:
Which ones did I miss????.....I was laughing so hard that I know there are a ton that I me out Cindy!
It was another super fun night...too bad it was Sunday and there was work and school calling our names, or we could have played all night...


  1. We LOVE Pictionary charades! I thought that we were the only ones.

  2. Never heard of Pictionary Charades. Sounds like fun! The older kids could even play.

  3. Oh come on, pastry was not hard! LOL!

    celery on the other hand. My mom did so many different things, I was just completley confused

  4. I love games too! Sounds like a fun night!

  5. you don't have times for this!! SOY what? :)


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