Saturday, May 10, 2008

For The Love of The Game

Spring sports are in full swing right now. Lots of practices and games. Sydnee finished up basketball and immediately started spring soccer. Christian is in baseball twice a week, and soccer on Saturdays. Even though it is very busy, I am really loving their games. I also think I am starting to develop a competitive spirit and a desire to see them learning new skills and playing well. On Thursday, Christian had a baseball game. He decided to tryout for Little League this year, and plays for an Intermediate team. This was his 6th game, and his team has lost all their previous games. This game was tied 8 to 8. I had to leave after the 4th inning to take Sydnee to Girl Scouts. I thought that after I dropped her off I would just go home and finish making dinner. Instead, I drove back to the baseball game. They lost in the last inning 9 to 8. It was a great game. I love to see my children learning their sport, and having a good time with their teams. I think I have caught the {baseball} fever...


  1. Baseball season...gotta love it!

  2. It's so cute to see your kids out there sportin' it! I can see how you would easily become very involved in the excitement of it all!

    Way to go Christian and Sydnee : )

  3. I love seeing these pictures!! Go Sydney and Christian! I can totally see Sydney exceling in sports, such a cute tom girl! Love it!

  4. It looks like Sydnee loves her sports. I love the picture of her running and kicking the soccer ball, and shooting the basket. She will do great in sports. Christian looks great in his baseball uniform. I love baseball, and I hope mine will want to play one day. He looks like a pro, getting ready to hit a homer.


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