Monday, December 17, 2007

One Reason This Whole Blog Thing Works....

I didn't know if I should use this title or High School Musical: The Reunion...
It all started about a month ago, when an old friend from high school, Amanda, made a comment on my blog. She had started a blog, and wanted to say 'hi'! So I went to her blog and I check it every week or so to see what her little family is up to. Well, from Amanda's blog, I find another high school friend, Jackie. I haven't seen or talked to Jackie is several years. We were great friends, went to church together, and I knew her family very well. So I look at her blog, every week, to see what her little family is up to. Last week, I was looking at Jackie's blog, seeing how her 'bun in the oven' is, and noticed she had a link to two other friends from high school, Bridgette and Trish. Wow! All these girls that I adored in high school, and now I have a little glimpse into their lives.....through their weblogs. I also connect with several other friendships from high school and beyond through the internet: Sandee and Rochelle, just to name a few. It really is amazing that all this started with just one little 'hi, how's your life?' And now I share my thoughts and feelings, pictures and videos, with all those friends and more...
*Edit: Yes, that is me, next to the '9' in '93' converse, Girbaud (sp?) shorts, it is all me.....


  1. Geesh... and I thought my classmates had the corner of the market on the BIG HAIR thing!!! And, BTW, I love the shoes.

  2. Cute picture. Brings back memories.

  3. That is the Kim I remember...can you believe the crazy hair we all had back then?

  4. Lynn - the bangs even had a name: "The Utah Claw"

  5. Oh Man......we were so hot!!!! That brings back so many fun memories. You are right it is so much fun to see what everyone is up to throough these blogs. I will try and be better about updating!!!!


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