Monday, December 31, 2007


Feeling melancholy tonight...feeling tired.....feeling spent....packing to leave for my Grandpa's funeral tomorrow....feeling blessed by kindness from others that is in my life.....remember the unconditional love I talked about?....feeling loved all over....Happy New is going to be good...


  1. Kim! It's Alicia Bendall- so, I saw your blog when I was at my mom's house and it is SO CUTE!!! I just wanted to say hello ! My blog
    Have a Happy New Years in 2008!

  2. Kim! It's Aimee (Kirkham) Wallace. I got to your blog through Jacki's and then through Amanda's. Your family is so cute!! I was so excited to see pictures of you and your family. It also brought back many memories from High school. I love your post with our picture from high school. Did we really dress like that?!! I am sorry about your Grandpa. Isn't it nice to know that during hard times that we have people around us that care! Have a happy new year!

  3. Happy birthday, Craig! I love that new picture of you guys!! CUTE!


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