Monday, December 3, 2007

Junk Store Finds....

**Edited: I only purchased this plastic santa and two metal baskets...oh! and I think my mom and I found my grandma's cookie jar. To all the Burton relatives who read this blog, be on the look out for a picture very soon and you can tell me what you think. Is it or isn't it?

My creative friend would be proud! Went to the junk store today, and found many things that I would love to have, or things that I could have bought for my friends. Sometimes the junk store can be a love-hate relationship. Some days are very good, and other days there will be nothing but a 50-cent Golden Book for Ella. Today was very, very good....


  1. You better not have bought all the good stuff!!! Can't wait to go with you and "your creative friend"!!! :)

  2. ok so what did you buy??? Cute stuff!!

  3. I wanna go too, mom! PLEEEEEEEASE?? Can I, PLEEEEASE?

  4. Cute stuff! Waiting for the cookie jar photo...

  5. That old type writer is to die for! I love it! I have an antique old desk that was my Mom's Dad's and that would look so good on it.

    I think we need to visit this place next time I come to Iowa!


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