Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Grandpa Wood

Christian and Sydnee with Gramps in 2004
I have so many things to post about today. Lots of events from the weekend. But yesterday, Craig's Grandpa had surgery on a very difficult spot of cancer that he has been dealing with on his head for several years. I wanted to post a few of our favorite things about Gramps today:
*He can walk for miles. We think this is why at his age, he is in such great shape. He has a pedometer that Craig and I gave him many years ago that he sets every week. He can walk and walk and walk.
*We love the smell of his pipe. Craig loves the smell of his cherry tobacco. Grandpa's pipe is even a topic for my children. Christian and Sydnee love Gramp's pipe. Last week, when Sydnee's Kindergarten class was talking about not smoking, she came home and told me that we can't smoke until we are really, really old, like Grandpa in England.
*Gramps can talk to anyone and make them feel they are loved.
*He can also make you laugh outloud with the stories he tells. He has a great sense of humor. He is always making someone laugh by sharing a great story.
*Once when Gramps was visiting from England, I was pregnant with Sydnee. We knew we were having a girl and we were talking about names. Gramps' nickname for Sydnee-in-utero was Poppy. He really wanted me to name her Poppy.
*"What an absolute load of rubbish!" is Craig's favorite thing that Gramps says.

We are thinking of you Gramps! You are in our thoughts and prayers.


  1. awww I love grandpa wood!! Hope everything goes well with his surgery!

  2. Your favorite things about Gramps are awesome Kim! When Linzi and I visited England about a year ago he gave me a pipe that my 1st Grade teacher "Mrs. J" gave to him over 30 years ago. He smoke this well worn pipe one last time for me and stuffed it full of black cherry tabacco (hisand my favorite too). He told me to take it and the smell would always remind me of him! Thanks for putting that on your "favorite things" list about Gramps!


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