Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year...

Yesterday, I wasn't into the Christmas mood. My house was a mess, and I still had the fall decorations up. After I dropped my dad off at the Chicago airport, I listened to Christmas music all the way home. The fall decorations are down and the house is semi-cleaned. Now I just need to find a christmas tree....I have the Christmas Spirit! Thanks to Christmas music!
Some of my favorite Christmas CDs include:
Home For Christmas: Amy Grant
Christmastime: Hillary Weeks
Carpenters Christmas Portrait (This one reminds me of when I was little.)
And a new favorite:
Noel: Josh Groban
Favorite Songs:
My Christmas Prayer: Rob Thomas
Christmas Lullaby: Amy Grant
Do You Hear What I Hear: Rosie and Elmo
Highland Cathedral
Here is a small list, I am sure I will be adding more as the day goes on. Let's get decorating!


  1. Love your new pic kim!!! Glad you got into the christmas spirit, you guys don't have a tree, do you get real trees? I'm sure mom will be lots of help getting stuff up! Fun!

  2. Thanks for the boost. I need to get moving on Christmas and I think I will put on a CD tomorrow and get to it!

  3. can't wait to see the tree pics!! :) thanks for the music... the girls and I are baking cookies and just went to your blog for the "radio".

  4. KIm, I'm just sitting here blogging because I'm avoiding decorating the tree. Everything is out in my living room but I just need a push. Carpenters remind me of when I was little too!! Love it!!


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