Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My New Swimsuit

Doesn't this look like "Pre-Three-Babies" Me??? NOT!!!!!
The new swimsuit is on it's way to Iowa! Thanks to my sister, Maren, I will finally have something new to wear. Since I have had the same swimsuit since July 2000, and only a year ago I got rid of my swimsuit from our honeymoon. Yikes! Twelve years!
Maren gave me the idea of purchasing my tankini from two different places. The "bottom" is coming from Land's End and the "top" is coming from Victoria's Secret. I will post these pics now, so you don't ask me for a real photo in the future! I am finally EXCITED to go swimming with the kids.
I promise tomorrow that I will post something a little more 'scrapbook' related. I have a bunch of layouts to post and some pictures from a little daytrip I took today. I saw someone that I have not seen since I moved to Iowa and the two-hour drive was MORE than worth the little over two hours that I was able to spend with her. Every minute was priceless...Check back soon...


  1. It's about time! That is about all I have to say!I'm sure it will look so cute on you.

  2. As I was reading that...all I thought was...that is totally me!!! I have old suits and always buy my kids the newest, cutest, yet I wear the old ones I dread putting them on becasue they are ugly! You might have inspired me to get a new one too! :-)

  3. Have you got it yet?? I am ready to go to the beach!!!


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